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So i went to the doctor. My head is heavy for the last two days. I guess my blood pressure is getting high. I knew my period will arrive soon, bloat, diarrhea, headache, sleepy, arr some of the symptoms. however, the higher blood pressure is not expected.

So i went to get meds for this blood thing and while i was waiting the blood start to discharge. My stomach was really in pain, i need to bite my lips, i need to lay down. I am so sleepy, cold and light headed.

Told the doctor about my problems. I knew the meds. I just need catopryl and rest. Panadol is enough for the cramp. But i listened to him explain everything and he gave me mefenamat acid and a med for my intestine since it will impact my gastrointestinal.

I told him about the lump. He couldn’t hear me well, suddenly emotions surrounded me. Overwhelmed. He didn’t check my breast. He asked me to describe it. I try my best to describe it.

He said it might be fat. It doesn’t mean the bad one. I started to cry. He offers me to select 4 hospitals in the area which i refused. I want to be near my family which means on the other town.

I am so scared. It is my life and i might be not recover. I need to be ready for everything. I need to cry hard and let my heart out.

I am alone. No one will cry for me when i am dead. They might remember me for a month or two. I have no legacy. I need to make one. I want someone who care and love me on my bed to make sure i am fine and get the best medication that necessary.

Is it too much? Is it selfish?

I am scared

I am sad

I’ll be fine at the end



Woman. Single.

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