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Do i hate you?

I did. When i had my emotions and struggled to identify myself. 

Do i hate you now? 

I do not know.

I cursed people when they cut my line. I yelled at people when they caressly behave. But do i hate them? No i don’t think so.

I just try not to cry and depress. I tend to forget everything lately-just like my mom on the end of her life.

I want to remember every beatiful things. Enjoy every moments since one day maybe i will not or can not remember it.

Maybe one day i forget you. I forget how to write or call your name. Maybe i will tell a story about a friend which is you, to you. Maybe i will cursed you and told you about my hatred. Without knowing that you i am talking about.

But, do i hate you now?

I don’t think so. I am busy preparing myself. I do not want to waste my energy. 

I don’t give a damn bout you.

I am busy preparing myself.

To wake up…

To smile

To pretend everything ok

To drag myself on the circuit of life.